Recently, our partners at Software Advice, a resource for software comparison, published a report on the top reasons businesses are buying new POS (point-of-sale) solutions.  The folks at Software Advice analyzed thousands of their phone consultations with retailers over the past four years who were looking to purchase POS software. Some key findings from the report include:

A few brief comments on these findings:

1.      A well-designed and properly-deployed POS solution can provide a significant increase in the accuracy and effectiveness of any retail operation.  Solid POS solutions eliminate pricing errors, maintain inventory levels in real time, eliminate manual processes, minimize the room for user error and provide detailed information for powerful analysis.  POS software that provides fully integrated payment processing eliminates a large portion of the daily reconciliation process that takes place with non-integrated solutions.

2.      The fact that over 1/3 of the buyers are upgrading from an existing POS software comes as no surprise to me.  Technology changes rapidly.  Often times, business requirements change rapidly as well.  A POS solution provider must constantly build upon its core offerings to meet the demands of the business owners and remain current with the latest technology platforms and security requirements.  Anything less leaves business owners shopping for new solutions.

3.      Inventory management lies at the heart of most retail operations.  It is typically the largest investment and greatest asset to the retailer.  Real time perpetual inventory management provided by a POS software solution reduces the daunting task of keeping track of this large investment.  Successful retailers must maintain an inventory that is constantly moving.  Shipments arrive daily.  Sales and returns take place at a rapid pace at multiple terminals and/or multiple locations.  Products are transferred from store to store.  RMA’s are issued.  Back orders are processed.  All of this can become effortless with a POS solution that provides a robust inventory management module.

The full report from Software Advice can be viewed here – Point of Sale Buyer View 2013.