Most QSR’s (Quick Service Restaurants) use an automated POS system.  The need for speed in the industry is such that QSR’s were early adopters of technology that helped to serve the customer as quickly as possible.  Other necessities such as cash controls, high-speed integrated credit card processing and waste controls drove QSR’s from cash registers to sophisticated POS systems long before most other types of merchants.

However, many independent QSR’s are still faced with additional technology challenges.  Controlling labor costs while providing superior customer service is one of the greatest challenges for QSR operators today.  So, how can POS technology provide both customer service and convenience while saving time for the staff?  One way is to provide integrated online ordering solutions for QSR’s.

Sure, all the big QSR chains are providing online ordering to their customers.  They typically have the capital and/or the internal IT resources to build something to their exact specifications.  So, how does an independent QSR operator compete with the national chains in the online arena?  After all, it is critical to every business in this age of technology and constant connectivity to have a superior web presence and to offer all the online services possible to the customer.

QSR’s that offer online ordering to their customers accomplish the following:

·         Reduced staff member time on the telephone taking orders

·         Increased sales based on the online presence and display of products

·         Reduced errors in hand-written orders and miscommunications resulting from phone orders

·         Complete order and pricing control via automatic integration to the POS system at the site


The most difficult challenge for independent QSR operators seeking to implement an online ordering system is finding a POS technology provider that offers a completely integrated package that is affordable.  For some helpful ideas in selecting technology providers, download our free system selection guide today.